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Simplify Your IAP Workflow

Develop, debug, and validate your IAP implementation with ease.
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Streamline Your In-App Purchase Development

Compatible with Apps built with: Android Native (Kotlin, and Java), React Native, Flutter, Expo, Unity. Seamlessly integrate IAP into your apps.
React Native

Rich API for Maximum Flexibility

Our rich API allows you to manage and access all aspects of your testing cycle, simplifying your development process and reducing time-to-market.

Rich API

Comprehensive Testing and Debugging

Simulate purchases, validate implementations, and debug IAP issues without exposing sensitive information or charging real money.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does iap.dev work?

iap.dev provides a unified SDK that simplifies the integration of in-app purchases for Android. Our intuitive console allows you to manage, test, and validate your IAP implementation effortlessly.

Is iap.dev secure?

Absolutely. We prioritize the security of your data and employ industry-standard measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your information.

What platforms does iap.dev support?

iap.dev currently supports Android development using Java, Kotlin, Flutter, and Unity. Our SDK allows for seamless IAP integration across these platforms.

How can I get started with iap.dev?

Getting started is easy. Sign up for a free account on our console, integrate our SDK into your Android app, and begin managing your in-app purchases right away.

Is this a replacement for Google Play Billing Library?

No, iap.dev complements the Google Play Billing Library by providing additional features for development, testing, and validation of in-app purchases.

Can my testers access the console?

Yes, you can grant controlled access to your testers, allowing them to view and test in-app purchases without compromising sensitive information.

Will my testers get charged for in-app purchases?

No, there's no need to setup credit cards, they will see a simulation of the purchase process. No real money will be charged.